This guide is designed to help you when you receive the Why is my mouse not working error message.

Disconnect the USB cable and wait a while. Since the device driver is often unloaded by Windows, reconnect the entire device. Try using a different USB port on your PC, which makes sense. If you are using a USB core between the PC device, and make sure the hub has forced power.


You can connect your keyboard to navigate windows, or connect another mouse that works in most cases for accessing the window-related areas mentioned on this page. For help with keyboard navigation, see How to navigate windows using the main keyboard.


If you’re having problems with a specific touchpad mouse on your laptop, you can do the following: Why isn’t my laptop’s touchpad mouse working?

If you’re not happy with an external mouse connected to your laptop, the troubleshooting steps on this page may help resolve the issue. PS/2


Do not try to disconnect and reconnect the mouse while it is on.


If the computer’s keyboard is working, gently shut down Windows by simply pressing the Windows key and, if so, using the arrow keys using Tab, “Stop” select.

Step 1

Look for the “Fn” function key in the bottom leftin the corner of your laptop keyboard. Look for the icon representing the touchpad or computer mouse on the top row of the keyboard (keys F1 to F12). This keypad control key acts as a toggle switch, helping to enable and disable the built-in touchpad and rabbit functions. Press and hold the “Fn” key with the mouse icon keys. Look for the disable/enable icon that will briefly appear on the screen. Swipe your laptop and try as usual.

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2nd Step

Press all keys on Windows keyboard if you are using Windows 3 type “main.cpl” in the field, start press search, and “Enter”. Press the remaining arrow key to make sure you’re on the Device Settings tab. Click one of the eye-shaped buttons to access the new “Activate” button in this section. Press “enter” on your keyboard. Click the monthly statement button to check the “Disable volume counter” checkbox. Press the spacebar to uncheck the box. Place your finger on the touchpad and drag the tip to the Apply button. Click “Apply” to save the settings. In the “Properties” field, hover over the print.

Step 3

Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard to open the Start menu. You press the arrow keys on your keyboard to get access to the menu “Shut down” or “Turn off the computer” d ‘man. Press the up arrow key or to resume selection. Click district. “Enter” to restart the computer

Step 4

Open General Panels in Control Panel. You get access to the Add and Remove or Remove programs. In this list, check off any additional mouse devices you have built for your laptop, such as an external USB mouse. Select “Use option to Uninstall” to remove all software and settings associated with this optional computer mouse. Restart your computer and try using the laptop’s built-in mouse. Check that the mouse is working properly.


Press 5 Windows key on any keyboard to open the Start Menu. Press with arrow keys of keyboard properties, keysand “Enter” and “Tab” to go open and “Control Panel”. Go to the “Hardware and Sound” section and press Enter. Go to “Device Manager” and press Enter to open it. Find “Mice and various other pointing devices listed” and look at the Properties dialog box. On the Driver tab, you also select Update Driver. These allow Windows to search for drivers on the Internet and update them automatically. Restart your computer after updating the drivers and install the mouse as usual.

why wont mouse work

Did your USB Rabbit stop working? You must be very upset. Don’t worry, you are never alone; Many users struggle with the problem that the mouse does not work on their laptop. What’s more, what’s important is that you can fix it easily.

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In the previous post, we will show you some simple and effective fixes for the USB mouse not working problem on your Windows laptop, I would say.

Because The Usb Mouse Doesn’t Work

  • Property damage
  • Power Loss
  • Obsolete mouse driver
  • The wrong interface
  • Try These 4 Fixes

    How do I fix an unresponsive mouse?

    inspect the entire mouse for hardware damage.Clean this particular mouse.Replace batteries.try a different USB port.YourConnect the mouse directly to the USB fan connector.Use your mouse on the most advantageous surface .Update the driver.Get a re-paired bluetooth mouse about it.

    Here are some technologies you can try. You may not have to try all of them at once. Keep going until your computer is up and running again.

    1. Check for physical damage.
    2. Connect the USB cable or receiver.
    3. Reboot laptop
    4. Update the best computer mouse driver

    Solution 1: Check The Hardware For Damage

    The very first event is to check if everything is hacked or missing. Check your mouse wall carefully and carefully as you do this.

    If the click suddenly becomes sticky and quiet, it may be due to an optical sensor error that indicates device damage.

    If you are convinced that the hardware caused by the failure is a critical point, it is time to completely replace it, not repair it at a relatively low cost.

    Solution 2:Reconnect Your Existing USB Cable Or USB Receiver

    If you are using a wired mouse in addition to Wireless USB mice, the first thing anyone can do is check if your mouse is properly connected while you have your laptop, if it doesn’t work. You can try reconnecting the USB receiver to the same bus or a different Port Universal series bus to see if it works.

    why wont mouse work

    Why is my mouse on but not working?

    If it was connected and still does not work, you can design the USB port yourself. Connect the mouse to another USB port and see if it works. Can you also try plugging a completely different device into the same hole, see if it works.

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    Why won’t my mouse connect to my computer?

    without If your duck has a power switch, very often it is at the bottom. If the mouse seems to be unavailable, replace the batteries. Make sure the wireless receiver is within range and not blocked by too many objects. You disconnect the wireless USB stick and try to connect it to another port. mouse Yours

    Why won’t my mouse work on my laptop?

    Your laptop may have a hardware problem. Possibly,The touchpad switches on your simple laptop are disabled. Your laptop drivers are outdated or corrupted. Your laptop may have corrupted files or software.thread

    Why is my mouse not working on Windows 10?

    The bad thing is if the computer is not connected properly, it probably won’t work. There are two types of mice. USB Mouse: If the family uses a mouse. Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it to the added USB port. Avoid using a USB hub as the hub may need enough power to complete the entire connection.

    What to do if your USB mouse stops working?

    Alternatively, if your USB mouse has stopped working, your company can try changing the USB power management settings. Here’s how you can do it. Step 1: In the open window, type “Run” devmgmt.msc and press Enter to open Device Manager. Step two: press the Tab key, choose to make the main computer. connection:

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